Let Kinder Morgan know how your feel about the PHP

Tell Kinder Morgan’s head of investor relations that the PHP’s current route is too costly because it threatens Texas’ critical water supplies.

Copy the text below, click the “Email Kinder Morgan” button below and paste the text into an email. Be sure to include Move the pipeline – Save Our Water in the subject line and include your Name, City & State at the bottom.

Mr. Ashley:

Knowing how concerned your boss Richard Kinder is about environmental issues like water and sustainability, please convey to Mr. Kinder and your board that I would like to be added to the list of concerned citizens who oppose Kinder Morgan’s plans to route the giant, 42-inch Permian Highway Pipeline through the Texas Hill Country.

I have read Kinder Morgan’s empty promises about the PHP, and yet the facts still stand. The Permian Highway Pipeline threatens the drinking water that more than 2 million Texans rely on. 

If Kinder Morgan wants to be a good corporate citizen, then please dispense with your community fish fries and ribbon-cutting ceremonies and just re-route the PHP. There are other viable routes that do not threaten Texas’ critical watersheds and aquifers.

Doing anything else will cost the state of Texas and the lives of everyday Texans too much. If that doesn’t motivate the suits in your boardroom, just think about your stock prices when that first spill or leak happens. Then you’ll really feel the high cost.




City, State