Why all the talk about karst? 

The Texas Hill Country doesn’t have a lot of topsoil, like other parts of Texas.  Topsoil often acts like a buffer.

In the Hill Country, there’s no buffer.  So, whatever goes into that karst limestone — like natural gas or condensate, or, heaven forbid, oil or tar sands — will be impossible to get back out. Karst is like the swiss cheese of topography. It’s like a “limestone sponge.”

Because Kinder Morgan pipelines leak . . . and explode, when that Permian Highway Pipeline leaks, it will go right into the water supply of over 2-million people.

Then, our water will be contaminated . . . for a very long time.

That’s why Kinder Morgan’s current plans for the Permian Highway Pipeline are bad for Texas. 

That’s why the Permian Highway Pipeline must be moved.