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Organic Farm in West Virginia Is Imperiled by Gas Pipeline Construction

Truthout, July 22, 2019

In the four years since finding stakes mysteriously implanted in the ground of their newly acquired farm, Neal LaFerriere and his family have worked as best they could with pipeline company representatives to preserve the integrity of their organic farm. Having no choice but to sign an easement to allow the gas pipeline to go through their land, LaFerriere and his wife Beth have tried to hold the company to the management plan it filed with a federal agency. “We have always been willing to sit down at the table and meet with them to try to work out the issues,” LaFerriere said.

But even before clearing for construction started on the right-of-way last Monday, the effects the company’s actions on the family’s business have been catastrophic, he said, threatening the farm’s organic certification and bringing such financial hardship that their ownership of the farm is in jeopardy. And, already this past week, a clumsy accident involving heavy machinery has resulted in a spill of contaminating fluids on the organic farm.


Travis County joins the growing opposition to a major underground natural gas pipeline

KLBJ News, July 3, 2019

There's still plenty of concern about construction of Kinder Morgan's natural gas pipeline, which will run through Central Texas.  Even though the pipeline won't cross Travis County, Commissioner Brigid Shea said property owners could be at risk of imminent domain in the future.

Judge Sarah Eckhardt said there are not enough regulations that could prevent negative impacts to those land owners

 Travis County, Hays County, and the City of Austin have all joined in opposition to the pipeline's construction.


Permian Highway Pipeline poses imminent threat

San Antonio Express-News, June 16, 2019

Known worldwide for its rustic hills, wildflower-filled valleys and sparkling rivers and creeks, the Hill Country is now being threatened by a pipeline that will carry gas from West Texas. Kinder Morgan’s 430-mile-long Permian Highway Pipeline will cut through the heart of Texas, impacting the region’s waterways and wildlife.

Besides being renowned for its peaches, wineries, ranches and nature tourism, the Hill Country is the only breeding ground on Earth for the golden-cheeked warbler. This small endangered songbird migrates from Central America to Texas each year to breed among the area’s old growth oak-juniper forests. The bark of mature ashe juniper trees (known as cedar), is the key material for the bird’s nest-building. The pipeline will cause habitat destruction and affect other endangered or threatened species, including salamanders, spiders and Texas wild rice, all endemic.


Opinion: Through grandmother’s house it goes – Kinder Morgan’s pipeline, that is.

Austin American-Statesman, May 20, 2019

Pipeline giant Kinder Morgan would very much like to route a pipeline over the aquifer and through the woods, grandmother’s house be damned. Or condemned, as the case may be.

We are talking about KM’s planned Permian Highway Pipeline, a 430-mile-long, 42-inch-diameter natural gas pipeline planned to run through the heart of the Texas Hill Country and over the extraordinarily sensitive Trinity and Edwards Aquifers, the water supply for millions of Texans, including residents of San Antonio. The Trinity Edwards is not just any old, run-of-the-mill aquifer. It’s a karst aquifer. Spill some natural gas liquids or condensate full of benzene or toluene into it and we’ll never get the poison out.




Kinder Morgan continues cleanup of December gasoline spill near Berino.

Las Cruces Sun News, May 14, 2019

Five months after a Kinder Morgan pipeline spilled nearly 300,000 gallons of gasoline in a rural area southwest of Berino, New Mexico, the company is still cleaning up the mess.

Three families in the immediate area of the spill had to be evacuated, and Kinder Morgan purchased the three properties and was seeking permits to demolish at least two of them. The property, amounting to over an acre, will be held by the company during remediation and long-term groundwater testing, he said. 

Justin Ball, acting manager of remediation oversight for the NMED, said Kinder Morgan had received two notices of deficiency for its remediation plan. Ball said the department also issued Kinder Morgan a notice of violation on April 26.




Op-ed: The Hill Country is not the place for a pipeline. 

Corridor News, April 12, 2019

The Hill Country is a unique and precious place that is known for its incredible open spaces, clean water, and dark skies. Unfortunately, these precious natural resources are threatened now, more than ever, with numerous and destructive development projects including the proposed Permian Highway pipeline.

A similar 42-inch pipeline was put into another pristine area of Texas treasured for its unique natural beauty and diverse ecology. Working as a volunteer advocate for the people and places of the Greater Big Bend region, I witnessed firsthand how a project like this could go in with little to no public input, and how the power of eminent domain could be used by a private entity to condemn the land of private property owners who help to provide the open spaces cherished by visitors to the Trans-Pecos.




Pipeline project running through Hill Country raises concern.

KXAN, Nov. 20, 2018

A $2 billion pipeline project has landowners in the Hill Country concerned about their property. The project is backed by Kinder Morgan and EagleClaw Midstream Ventures. The pipeline will cut through multiple counties near Austin including, Hays, Blanco, Gillespie, and Caldwell. Many landowners in those counties have already been contacted by the gas company and warned about the potential project.